Natural Emergency Remedies–Essential Oils

May 1st, 2011 by

     People say the only thing that is certain in this life is death and taxes.  After the week we’ve had in America, I’d also add “unpredictable weather” to the list of certainties.  Watching people walk away from the indescribable destruction in the tornado strewn mess of the south, and being without electricity due to a blizzard in North Dakota (in May, mind you!), I am reminded that during disasters many of the amenities we have come to depend on cease to exist.  Not only is power and clean water scarce, but with the disasters often comes great medical demand and very little supply.  Do you know how to care for your family if disaster strikes?  Not many of us do.  Just one day without electricity can remind you very quickly how inadequately prepared most families are for disaster.

     One of the ways that my family stays preparedis with a “natural” first aid kit.  Some of the items in that kit are essential oils.  I used to think that essential oils were just a pretty smelling aphrodisiac, or worse a patchouli-soaked hippy soap-box (I can’t stand the smell of patchouli!).  But then, after a particularly nasty case of croup, I changed my mind and truly put them in the ESSENTIAL category.  I have successfully used essential oils in my home to enhance my family’s immune system, fought ear infections, restored breathing in a sick child, and conquered morning sickness all with essential oils. 

     Natural Alternatives is offering an introductory class on essential oils May 21st from 10 to 3.  This class will cover several “key” oils such as lavender, lemon, peppermint, melaleuca, oregano, and frankincense, plus a few others.  We will learn about specific health and wellness solutions, and how to cook and clean with essential oils.  Deadline to sign up for this class is May 10, so contact us soon for more information if you are interested in added this knowledge to your emergency arsenal!  Over the next few weeks I’ll write more about essential oils.

For Health,

Summer Joy

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