GMO Food–Friend or Foe?

February 21st, 2018 by

So, a few weeks ago, I shared with my customers a blog article I wrote for our family ranch on the different types of seeds and food including GMO seeds. For those of you who want a background, you can visit that post here.  However, today I’m going to talk about what I don’t like about GMO food.

First of all, for those of you who are confused, GMO stands for genetically modified organism. So, GMO food is when the DNA of a certain variety of plant is spliced with the DNA of a different organism entirely. Usually a different genus. GMO food is often modified with a bacteria or fungus that makes it more tolerant to disease and to certain chemicals used in traditional farming (with pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers).  This is NOT a cross between two different types of corn, or tomato, or whatever.  This is literally a forced cross (by splicing DNA) between two completely unrelated species!  If you listen to proponents of GMO they say that GMO food is nutritionally equivalent to regular food.  Plus, it is more tolerant to disease, and yields more.  All that is true.

The reason I do not like GMO food is because I believe it is confusing for the body. How does your brain know if it is eating corn or a bacteria? I personally think that GMO is one of the causes of the rise in auto-immune conditions.  So, you consume the corn and your body tries to break down the sugars for energy, and in the process encounters the bacterial DNA.  Now, does it continue to digest the sugar, or send in the white blood cell army to attack the bacteria?  The problem, is that the “infected” sugar has already crossed the cell wall barrier, so the white blood cells are now attacking your body’s “healthy” cells!  We are seeing a tremendous rise in “auto-immune” like conditions such as Hashimoto’s (thyroid), rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, psoriasis, and many more!  Could it be that our immune systems are on over-drive due to GMO food DNA?

So, how do you combat GMO food in a country that does not require labeling?  Well, first of all, the main foods that are generally GMO sourced are: corn, soy, sugar, aspartame, papaya, canola, and squash.  So, avoiding these foods and derivatives from these foods will help.  However, since labeling is not required, most of us ingest GMO food often without knowing.  In order to help combat the effects from this confusion, it is good to periodically take supplements that can help the cells cleanse.  This is much more than your typical “colon flush”.  These are supplements designed to break into the cell wall, battle bacteria and fungus, and repair the cell’s mitochondria (brain).  These include cellular enzymes, Glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid, and some type of charcoal, along with goldenseal, pau d’arco, garlic, and turmeric.  Lastly, I recommend purchasing squash, potatoes, onions, garlic, and ESPECIALLY corn, dairy, and beef as local as possible.  Most farmers and ranchers who use organic type methods are more than happy to show you their seed source, their feed source, and their management practices so you can truly know what you are consuming!  If you choose to grow your own garden (another thing that I recommend) make sure you purchase your garden seed from a supplier that has signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

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