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     These days I am bombarded with sale flyers full of  items to give as Christmas gifts.  Each circular is chock full of toys, clothes, food, and body products.  Scented body products seems to be a favorite item to give to people, especially women, and especially as hostess gifts.  However, most of these items contain chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and petroleum based toxins.  These chemicals cause skin irritation, liver toxicity, and are even linked to cancer!

     Therefore, I have searched high and low for body products that are safe for me and my family to use.  In my search I found a local soap artisan that I want to highlight in this blog.  I get lots of  samples of products to use and I have to say that I am very picky about the products that I endorse!  So, the following is a review of the available soaps at Prairie Soap House.  These products would be a wonderful alternative to the chemical-laden items that are usually given as gifts!

     In the past, I have NOT been a fan of bar soap.  I’ve tried making my own soap (a HUGE pain) and found that it is definitely an art that I don’t have the time to perfect!  Usually bar soap is messy, germy, inconvenient, and dries out my skin.  But the bar soap from Prairie Soap House is different!  I tried the “Mechanic’s Grease Cutter” soap (before I knew it was designed for mechanics) as a shaving bar.  This soap exfoliated beautifully, didn’t leave a residue on me or in the tub, and left my legs so soft I didn’t even need to moisturize!  I also tried the baby soap.  My youngest child (10 months) has SUPER sensitive skin.  In fact, for a while I didn’t use any soap on her–even the organic soap I normally recommend!  So, I was hesitant to use the baby soap from Prairie Soap House.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  No rash…in fact, it actually cleared up the rash she had at the time!  Both of these soaps had good lather, rinsed clean, and left behind plenty of moisturization.  Also, I store the soap in plastic bags, and it doesn’t get soft and mushy like some bar soaps.  Plus, it lasts a long time!  Another thing that I really like is that Prairie Soap House discloses their soap making process and all the ingredients in each soap.  Almost all of the ingredients are organic or natural.  This is definitely one company that I can give a “thumbs up” to!!

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     Summer Joy

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  1. Mara says:

    I’ve used Prairie Soap House soaps for years now and can’t say enough in their praise. I give them as gifts and everyone raves about their lather and clean rinse. I’ve also found it helpful to place the soaps on a soap drainer to increase their life span.

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